Conférences – OurOcean - 2018

Discours de Karmenu Vella

Lancement de #OurOcean en 2017
"World aquariums against marine litter le 27 juillet 2017 - au Musée océanographique de Monaco
« Aquariums are the window to our sea. We visit them seeking wonder; to share with our children our love of the sea. And the breath-taking beauty of life under water never fails to disappoint. […]

What better place than aquariums to raise awareness?

Thousands of children, families, school classes visit them every year. So this summer, more than 60 aquariums around the world are embracing their educational role by turning the spotlight on marine litter.

From Japan to Guadeloupe, from Norway to South Africa, from Ireland to Monaco – they are giving their visitors a glimpse into our oceans' possible future.

A future where, instead of taking your fish home in a plastic bag, you take home plastic in your fish.
Where beaches are covered in plastic, not seashells and sand.

Crucially, these aquariums are not just showing the ugly and frightening future we risk.

They are also showing their visitors what they can do – very concretely – to prevent it from happening. […]
Aquariums should be a promise for our future, not a memorial to the past. » Retour accueilRetour accueil