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The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Monumental jewel envisioned by the Prince who pictured a veritable "Palace", the Oceanographic Museum is one of the masterpieces of the country's identity. Indeed, the Museum takes an important part in the influence of the Principality in itsscientific, economic and touristic facets.

With its 670,000 visitors, it is one of the main focal points of Monaco. Perched on the side of the cliffs of the Rock of Monaco, it rises up from the sea to 85 metres high.

Its architecture is inspired on all accounts by the marine world: the ornamentation on the walls or within follows the theme of the sea and its living organisms.

From the thousands of natural history specimens collected by the Prince  to the measuring and sampling equipment, underwtaer exploration, objects of art, ethnography and inconographic collections, the value and variety of the collections and all the originiality of the Museum plays witness to the successful union between Art and Science.

The best examples of this fusion: the jellyfish chandelier, the four "radiolarium" lamps and the frescos based on drawings by Ernst Haeckel, german biologist, philosopher and free-thinker.

Throughout the years, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco has filled a vast world-renowned aquarium. Today, the exhibition rooms on the first floor are dedicated to the history of oceanography and presents a part of the natural history, artistic and ethnographic collection. The ground floor is home to temporary exhbitions.

The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco welcomes public year round. For additional information and to prepare your visite: www.oceano.org

The Oceanographic Museum also hosts regular international conferences bringing together experts, entrepreneurs and policitical decision-makers around the biggest challenges of sustainable management of the oceans.

These prestigious and exceptional spaces can also be used for seminars, cocktails, dinners and other events...

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Oceanographic Museum of Monaco - © M. Dagnino
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