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Presentation of the Oceanographic Institute

The Oceanographic Institute is committed to enhancing the knowledge of the richness and fragility of the oceans, and promoting their sustainable management and rational and efficient protection.
To achieve this, the Institute ensures the mediation between scientific and socio-economic actors on the one hand, and the public and decision-makers on the other hand.
The oceanographic Institute upholds and shares its mission following the wish of its founder Prince Albert I of Monaco: « knowing, loving and protecting the oceans ».
- Promote advanced knowledge of the oceans to ensure the scientific grounds for responsible political action;
- Develop a network of partnerships allowing the mobilization of the most recent knowledge;
- Popularize and share scientific knowledge to make it accessible to the greatest number of people, and match scientific results with public need;
- Put forward the essential role of the oceans and marine biodiversity for our environment and raise awareness on the dangers threatening them, all the while identifying solutions;
- Develop a global vision of the issues, uniting their environmental, economic and social aspects; 
- Communicate through various means covering all types of public: the oceanographic Institute in Paris and the oceanographic Museum of Monaco for expert meetings, public conferences, exhibitions; from paper editions to numeric aids and online documentation. 
- Move the public with the beauty of marine life;
- Put on show an original and fascinating association of the Living, Science and Art, blended together since the creation of the Institutions in Paris and Monaco;  
- Entertain the public through a modern and fun approach to the world of the oceans;
- Put forward the exceptional heritage of the scholar Prince Albert I and the exemplary commitment of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco. 
- Work with the political decision-makers, international institutions and opinion leaders to accelerate decisions and actions towards the protection of the oceans;
- Identify and promote balanced and realistic solutions;
- Advise political decisions based on scientific analysis integrating the environmental, economic, social and judicial aspects;
- Catalyze innovations, encourage initiatives and share good practice for the protection of the oceans;
- Raise public awareness and point out their ability to take action; 
- Mobilize and favour the commitment and positive actions of the general public encouraging “good practices”.
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